8 Bit Ninja on The Rum + Bass Show : Episode 9

8 Bit Ninja on The Rum + Bass Show : Episode 9

This episode we get to sit down with the man behind The Mix Up on CJSW 90.9 . Bryson talks with us about dodge ball, music and what would happen during a Zombie apocalypse. He also schools Freelikz on the real meaning behind the Birdman movie as we talk everything from what its like to rub shoulders with artist in the radio station to prank calling aliens.


In this mid tempo mix, 8 Bit Ninja lays down everything from hip hop infused trap music to the grimey basslines we can expect from a Calgary local. If you like the mid tempo style then this mix is not to be overlooked. Reaching #2 place in the glitch hop and trap charts on Mixcloud, Bryson reminds us just why he is a staple and favorite in the local music community.

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