Mittz & Jams on The Rum + Bass Show : Episode 7

Mittz & Jams on The Rum + Bass Show : Episode 7

After a busy month we are back with an all new episode of The Rum + Bass Show. This episode we sit down with Mittz​ & Jams of the 403dnb​ & Dnb Girls​ and talk tropical destinations, Will Ferrell and the oncoming zombie apocalypse. Featuring original tracks from Moon Addicted, Jynxy, Cam Archer & Deez Waz….


Guest Mix

This exclusive mix comes from two very talented ladies in Calgary. Jams and Mittz is their name, deep rolling basslines is their game. A collection of great drum and bass and heavy half-time, these women go above and beyond the typical. Growling synths and hip-hop influenced beats make your hips shake with every double-drop…you never know what track is going to come next. Get ready to dance on this week’s episode!


MITTZ loved electronic music from the very start. In 2009 she started her DJ career in Edmonton, AB, she Caught on quickly and learnt the technical aspects of mixing with ease. Over the past 6 years, Mittz has gone from playing weekly night’s for local promoters to playing music festivals deep in the Canadian Rockies. After touring western Canada with a group of 5 female DJ’s, producers and vocalists for the Bass Belles tour in 2012, she joined the talented DnB Girls roster.

In the summer of 2013 she doubled up with Drkwtr (Breakz R Boss) as “Cause & Effect” and took the stage at Astral Harvest music Festival. Mittz was recently named a representative for the Babez R Boss crew (Breakz R Boss), added to the Truespin Dj’s line up and awarded a fresh new affiliation with Calgary’s 403DnB, at this rate she shows no signs of slowing down.

With festival season right around the corner you’ll be sure to catch her out behind the decks mixing up a platter of all things Bass. With a special love for DnB and Breaks her style alongside the smoothest transitions will have you dancing on your toes in anticipation for what comes next.


JAMS, as general manager of the DnB Girls organization; a collective that pushes the sound of accomplished female artists across the globe, and the main lady of DnB Lives Here; a group of folks committed to growing and advancing DnB music culture across Canada, Jams has been holding things down in her community as a boss lady of DnB. Although passionate about Drum and Bass versatility does not pass her by. While focused mainly on jungle influenced sounds she actively explores every angle of the bass music spectrum keeping her listeners on their toes and her dance floors on fiyah. Having placed 3rd out of 40 participants in her first ever DJ competition only 6 months into her DJ career she’s subsequently went onto becoming the top female DJ in Edmonton before making her way out east. This talented lady held her own in the big bass leagues of Montreal both solo and alongside Strange Future as the Dj Duo Master-Faders, where they collectively pushed Jungle Bass Music to the next level. Having toured the country playing every major musical city in Canada Jams is now fresh off a recent move to Calgary where she has been rostered with the 403DnB crew with plans to continue spreading the Drum and Bass and Jungle vibes nationwide.

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