Wiggins on The Rum + Bass Show : Episode 2

Wiggins on The Rum + Bass Show : Episode 2

Ok Rum and Bass Heads, it’s time for another episode of The Rum + Bass Show!!! This episode we sit down with the bad boy himself, Mr. Matt Wigginz!! Come join us as we shoot the sh*t over a bottle of rum and explore everything from Saturday morning cartoons to what really grinds his gears…


Exclusive Mix

Its time for another session of our EXCLUSIVE MIX SERIES!!! This week the bad boy himself, WIGGINZ, takes over the decks and rinses out some serious reggae, jungle and DnB in this slick blend of feel good gems. Join in and jam out as this mix is not only pure fire, but a solid way to rock out the mid week and keep you going till the weekend.


Local born and raised Calgarian Drum & Bass/Jungle artist. 13 years on the decks and a proud member of Come Correct. A true Junglist.



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