Painted Foxes on The Rum + Bass Show : Episode 8

Painted Foxes on The Rum + Bass Show : Episode 8

It’s time for another great artist interview, so come join us as we sit down and learn what the fox really says with the man behind Painted Foxes. In this episode, we reminisce about retro music production, superheroes and find out what happens when you encounter a pissed off badger.

No stranger to live music, Painted Foxes provides the Rum and Bass Show with a great sample of his own productions. This 45-minute synthesization is an intimate look into his creative process, and the multiple layers and sounds keep you grooving. With organic instrumentals and funky riffs that take you back, Painted Foxes brings a great mix that’s perfect for sunshine on the beach.

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Painted Foxes (DJ)


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